About Me


Currently, I am the Storage and Backup Administrator for the #1 ranked managed service provider in Hampton Roads, VA.

I am very dedicated and passionate about my work and always enjoy new challenges. Having served an enlistment in the military, I get very restless when something is not progressing, and I believe that everything can be improved and nothing is “just what it is”. I am always striving to make technology better for all of my clients. I have a Bachelor’s in Network Security. During my education I also acquired four certifications in four separate aspects of my profession, because I believe it is important to be well-rounded in this industry now more than ever.

Why “The Only IT Guy”?

This page was founded on March 8th, 2016. At the time, I was an IT Manager for a small business, which was also my first position in the IT field, fresh out of college. When I say “IT Manager”, most people think that I had people below me, or a team, or something. I had no one. I was, quite literally, the only IT guy there. Not only was I the only one, but also the first one that company ever had. As you can imagine, no one really understood what I did, why I was there, or how I went about my day. After so long of that, I started to feel very disconnected from the IT world. This was my way to stay in touch with things, and to share my experiences with my fellow IT professionals.


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