Software Spotlight: f.lux

This isn’t going to be a big post because this isn’t a big program, but it is one I consider to be very important for the health of anyone who spends a lot of time at work in front of a monitor.

f.lux is a simple utility that automatically adjusts the temperature of the light coming from your monitors based on what time of day it is, to your liking. As your surroundings become darker, the harsh blue-ness of bright monitors cause strain to your eyes and can easily give you headaches. The idea here is that the warmer the light is, the less strain it causes. I’ve been using the program for about 8 months now, and can definitely contest to its usefulness.


Installation and setup is incredibly simple. You can either type in a zip code or it can pinpoint you exactly if you have location services on, so it knows what time it is where you are. The GUI is a depiction of the sun’s position relating to you over a 24-hour period.


There are two separate settings for day and night, and you simply adjust the sliders to your liking. The further to the left the slider is, the warmer the tone, and visa versa. This works across every connected display on your PC automatically.


There are a couple different settings that alter the display, but there are also these extras that have been recently added that I think are pretty neat. If you have a home office, for example, with Philips Hue lights, f.lux can alter them as well. Though something also tells me that if you have a home setup of Hue bulbs you just have your butler adjust them for you.


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