When Ctrl+Z Doesn’t Work


So I was transferring some pictures off of my Android phone, and even as an IT professional I still have a horrible habit of cutting and pasting instead of copying and pasting. I was literally on the last of about 50 files when for whatever reason, my cut and paste did not work and the file never showed up on my destination directory. Thinking that the file would still be in memory, I hit Ctrl+Z and went back to the source, to find that there was nothing there. Immediately – panic sets in. I mash Ctrl+Y, which only succeeds in creating a New Folder on my desktop.

The lessons here are that once you cut something from external media, it’s only in memory for that one time. If you try to undo wherever you paste it to, it will try to put nothing back to nowhere. Another lesson is that the transfer of files from one media to another is never a guarantee, and that Recuva or any other 3rd party recovery option is not going to be able to find those files. So don’t be an idiot like I did, and make sure you have everything successfully at your destination before you delete the source.


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