How To: Fix File Associations for Windows 7


Today I had to work with a machine with an interesting issue – every time you’d navigate to a different directory in the GUI, it would always open in a new windows. Here’s how I fixed it.

The first thing to note is that most of your Google searches on the subject are most likely going to be fruitless. Chances are you already know where to go to change the default behavior for the folders and it hasn’t worked, neither has resetting the folders to default settings.

  1. There’s only one step in this process. Go here and download the “Folder” link’s .zip file. Extract the registry key, right-click it, and merge it, overwriting what’s already in your registry.

Side note: There is also a fix known as the RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd file, and all it is is a batch file that re-registers a couple .dll files. In my experience, it hones in on Internet Explorer, and didn’t do anything to address my folder issue. A few comments on the page that mention it have said that it fixed their issue in cases though, so if the above doesn’t work you can go here to check that out. All you want to do is run the batch file as an administrator and reboot.


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