Welcome to The Only IT Guy – a blog created by an IT guy for other IT guys. When I say “IT guy”, I’m not referring to a gender. I’m referring to those of us who are or feel like they’re the only IT employee in their organization. In my case, I am not only the only IT guy in my organization, but I’m also the first one they’ve ever had. No one knows what I do here, and most of the time I’m treated as a zoo animal in a pit, until they realize that I hold the keys they dropped over the railing and suddenly I’m the most popular kid in school.

This blog is for the IT guys who are responsible for everything that runs on power – from someone’s XBox they brought in from home to the microwave that keeps popping the breaker to the premise security system that they’re not entirely sure they should ever have access to. It’s also for the IT guys who field 3AM calls for a dead keyboard, report to departments that don’t make any sense in a traditional corporate structure, collect certifications like they’re Pokémon gym badges, and struggle with the idea that “The production environment is not your test environment”.

The content of this blog will be heavily focused on the weird things that I come across, the weird things my users, er, co-workers do, and most importantly, how I fixed them. It will also include new pieces of software or hardware that I have tested and recommend, and news items that are relevant to the lot of us. Thank you for your patronage and enjoy your visit!


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